1st 2,750: Free Gift From Dr. Oz (“Energy Gifts”)

UPDATE: Wow, it looks like they’re going quicker each round. Click here for the link to round 3  – Starts 2pm (Eastern Time) / 11am (Pacific Time) – Get ready a minute or two ahead of time

Here’s the post for round 2 of the Dr. Oz giveaway. This one starts at 1pm (Eastern Time) / 10am (Pacific Time). Just click the link below to try and snag the prize you’d like. I’m expecting a LOT of people to be trying all at once, so their site might be really slow. Good luck all, hopefully a lot of us will win 🙂

(The form should come up just below the description)

  1. 1st 1,000: Cacao Goji Superfood Snack – Click here to enter
  2. 1st 1,000: Flax Seed Parmesan Crisps – Click here to enter
  3. 1st 150: Keurig Vue Brewer, Vue Pack Carousel and boxes of Vue Packs – Click here to enter
  4. 1st 500: SodaStream Fizz – Click here to enter
Image Credit: Dr. Oz

15 thoughts on “1st 2,750: Free Gift From Dr. Oz (“Energy Gifts”)”

    • it was so hard to even see the form shadow LOL. managed to fill in the cacao form but the rest of the forms didn’t load for me ;(

  1. This is crazy fixed rigged….I tried to get on at the second the time changed and kept getting a message to come back at another time. Then I got a different page of ‘freebies’ and now I find out it is all gone. Bye Bye Dr. Oz…you are not the wizard.

  2. I started at 1:00pm eastern time and up until 1:05pm eastern time this is what I kept getting:
    Come back Wednesday, May 2 at 1:00 p.m. EST/ 10 a.m. PST to enter for your chance to win…

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