1st 30,000: 4 Free Mrs. Dash Original Blend Samples

UPDATE: Back again for today. It looks like they fixed their app, so just skip to step 3 🙂

Mrs. Dash is offering a free sample of their original blend on facebook. The only catch is that they seem to be using a old version of facebook apps and you have to turn off your https to request this. I know some people don’t want to do that, but if you’re still interested here’s how to request it:

  1. Click here to visit your facebook account
  2. Click “Secure browsing” and turn it off (You can turn it back on right after)
  3. Click here to visit the Mrs. Dash facebook and like them
  4. On the “Free Sample Giveaway” tab, fill out the form to request your free samples. (You might have to sign off and sign back into facebook for the link to work)
  5. Now just go to the link in step one and turn your secure browsing back on
  6. Done 🙂
Image Credit: Mrs. Dash

84 thoughts on “1st 30,000: 4 Free Mrs. Dash Original Blend Samples”

  1. SCAM! said they had 14 left filled out the form then they said sorry we’re out. If they were out they should’ve said that before making me waste my time filling in my information.

  2. don’t understand, samples all gone for 5/4/2012 but its 5/5/2012 right now

  3. i use it all the time even if i didn’t get it for free love the flavor it gives your food

  4. Rodney it’s not a Scam and that’s not exactly a word you should be throwing around so freely. I put in for my sample today with no problems…

  5. we love Mrs.Dash,we use it all the time because we have diabetes,and are on a low sodium diet

  6. I would love to try Mrs. Dash, have heard and read a lot of good things about it and I am trying to start cooking in a Healthier way for my family..

  7. I have tried. & tried but no success , now my battery is expired .
    I love the product & would like a sample .
    Thank you
    Deidre Mercer

  8. My son in Fl got me hooked on Mrs Dash–I love it on everything–IT”S GREAT!!!!!

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