1st 477,000: Free Target Summer Beauty Bag (Comes With Free Samples & Coupons)

UPDATE: No longer available 

Note: Their site is slow to load with everyone on at once, so you might have to let it load for a few minutes. (Took me 3-5 minutes)

Click here to visit the Target site and like them. Click “Get Yours Here” and allow their app. On the next page you should be able to fill out a form to request your free beauty bag. You’ll receive your Beauty Bag in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Image Credit: target

306 thoughts on “1st 477,000: Free Target Summer Beauty Bag (Comes With Free Samples & Coupons)”

  1. Took a VERY long time to load! Then when I finally got to the point where you put your info, it took another long time to load… Finally!!!

    • Someone posted ahead of time that already did it the page loads very very slow (it may be blink for a while) but be patient! The same thing happened to me and I finally got through and later received a confirmation number. Good Luck!

  2. this service is unavailable, this service is unavailable, this service is unavailable…but I’ll keep on tryin’ : )

  3. oh my…..i am not good at figuring out this free sample thing, but i would really enjoy trying some samples from Target’ our little tarja as we call it here in the cloud…..xxo

  4. I got through then it said service is unavailable. Not happy, I don’t understand why companies do this “freebie facebook” when it NEVER WORKS.

  5. Patience is one thing, I have plenty!! Now time is a whole other deal.. I have already spent an hour trying to get this..It’s not worth it.. As usual TARGET website sucks!!

  6. Worked for me, but it does take some patience. Took about 15 minutes for everything to go completely through

  7. I really like to trying products before I buy. I hate to take things back a lot of hassle. This site helps you make a good decision.

  8. Target is a great store. Their clothes are very nice. I love their sales. I love being able to do groceries and gift shopping in the same store.

  9. Waited a while..It loaded, but it didn’t allow me to click the link”Get Yours Now”
    I Will keep trying!! Thanks

  10. I cannot get to the Target site that says “get yours here”. Can you please help me.

  11. Leave it to Target to screw people over….tired of them and their promises. Dont offer something that you cant deliver. Bad for business.

  12. I love target stores but cannot get through for the free offer. Is it just me or not? I would love to have one of the bags,

  13. I hope to receive one of these little summer bags. I sure could use a nice surprise after going through surgery 2 months ago and continued complications, I could use a nice treat!

  14. looking forward to the samples. always willing to try something new, especially if it is fun and sumer related

  15. Target is one of my favourite stores winning a Target summer beauty bag would be a fantastic as i soooooo love summer!!

  16. I tried ten times but kept telling me site not found .. However I had several friends that I sent it to and they were able to access website. I am using my IPhone which may be the problem.

  17. Hurray for TARGET and their offer
    for a free beauty bag and coupons!
    Hurray for free samples!
    Thank you TARGET !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sorry about the website info when i left 1st reply, didn’t understand it meant my website, i thought it meant the website i was talking about. i can’t make it to Target to get a Free Target Summer Beauty Bag so can i still get one for registering with them? please pretty please. :-)(-: as my 5 yr old would say pweeassee perty perty pweeassee!!! wits sugas on toP!!! hahah lol

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