Free $5 Cracker Barrel eGift Card

Click here to visit the Cracker Barrel site and signup for their sweepstakes. According to their site, they’ll send you a $5 eGift Card within 3 days if you check the box to receive their emails. In addition you can also play their games to try and win one of hundreds of prizes that they’re offering.

Image Credit: Cracker Barrel; thanks Tracy!

22 thoughts on “Free $5 Cracker Barrel eGift Card”

  1. Did I get the $500 gift card? Why did I have to play so many games for the gift card? This took to much time, I should get the gift card.

  2. I like Cracker Barrell especially when we travel to visit relatives — makes a good breakfast to travel on. They closed one closest to my house though –sad.

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