How To Get Free Samples From Companies

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Marketing studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase products if they have had an opportunity to try them, so offering free samples is a strategy that many retail companies put to good use. Household products such as laundry soap and window cleaner, shampoo, skin cream and other beauty items as well as office supply products are among popular sample offerings.

Those who are interested in receiving free samples should begin with looking through the inserts of the Sunday edition of their local newspaper. Coupons for free items are often included among the advertisements, and although it’s becoming increasingly rare, samples themselves can sometimes be found among the pages of newspapers.

Company websites are excellent resources for those who are interesting in getting free samples. Most of them have a section featuring new products that are being introduced to the market, and many company websites have a section specifically for free samples. Offerings change often, and signing up for company newsletters is a good way to ensure notification when promotional items become available.

Although not all companies have separate listings on their websites for free offers, consumers often have success in gaining samples by sending an email to the customer service department of companies that interest them and expressing a desire to try their products. Email addresses can usually be found located at the bottom of a company’s home page

The Internet has an abundance of free sample offerings from a variety of companies. Offerings are generally grouped by product type, making it easy for consumers to search for specific items that they would like to try. The online ordering process for receiving samples usually requires filling out a simple form with address information, and sometimes a short survey concerning purchasing habits is involved.

It’s recommended that those who request samples from participating companies practice courtesy by only asking for products that they would really like to have. Companies usually have limited amounts of available samples, and those who sign up for as many offers as they can simply because they like the idea of receiving things for free are doing the companies as well as other consumers a disservice.

Many people who regularly sign up for free samples find that it’s in their best interest to maintain a separate email address for use in filling out the forms that most companies require from those requesting samples. Not doing so could result in an inbox full of unsolicited junk email.

By spending a little time researching options, consumers can soon be receiving quality free samples from the companies of their choice. It can be an excellent way to aid in purchasing decisions and to try new products.

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