35 thoughts on “Enter To Win 1 Of 450 $100 Grocery Shopping Sprees”

  1. could not sign up for the win free groceries for a year because i could not see nor could i hear the code to enter. so please sign me up

  2. With this hard life it will be my pleasure and tremendous gift if I could win…….Otherwise thanks for competion.

  3. I lost my job and just lost my unemployment 🙁 We have 3 young adult children and 2 grandchildren which come to eat at our house alot!

  4. I would sure love to win groceries for a year. With 6 kids in the house it would help out alot. 🙂

  5. I could really use the free groceries were retired and its hard to make it on social security it would be a blessing to have groceries to be paid for a year please pick me

  6. AWESOME! Could really use this! No employment for almost 2 years, benefits cut off! PICK ME PLEASE!

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