Free Large 3 Topping Pizza From Papa Johns

UPDATE: I think this one’s officially done since a lot of people are getting a “invalid code” message now. Feel free to try it out just in case though.

  1. Click here to visit the Papa Johns site and either signin or register for a Papa Johns account on the right. (If you register, you might have to click the link again or click order now)
  2. Then where it asks “Have A Promo Code?” enter the code HS0XSC9HWWย (That’s a zero, not an O. Also make sure you have no spaces before or after it.)
  3. You should get a message to apply 25 points
  4. Done!

25 points is good for a large 3 topping pizza! Hurry though because I have no idea how long this will last.

Imageย Credit: Papa Johns; thanks Katie!

81 thoughts on “Free Large 3 Topping Pizza From Papa Johns”

    • Chris, I had to do the address thing for carryout or delivery and then enter the promo code on the next page to get it.

  1. Was this a joke to make ppl sign up?.I put the Promo Code (HSOXSC9HWW) and my response was INVALID !!!!!!!! I will report you if I get a virus or something goes wrong with my computer…I Do Have A Lawyer and will SUE you Company !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Got it!!! The credit remains on my account. I didn’t have to order a pizza right now. That’s nice!!!

  3. I thought it didn’t work and then I went and signed back in and my points were there. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I registered for the papa john rewards club, but I enter this code, at the ‘have a promo code’ slot, and it tells me that it is an invalid promo code… help

  5. Where do I put in the promo code? Do I register for an account or register for papa johns rewards?

  6. It would not work for me at first but once you have an account you must hit “set location” then go to the “Order Now” tab and put in the promo code HS0XSC9HWW thats how I finally got mine to work ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome freebie! Thanks!!!

  7. Thanks a bunches! I got mine, but a friend wasn’t so lucky. ๐Ÿ™
    Invalid code showing now.

  8. Best fast food pizza going …..Artichoke hearts cant believe you don`t already offer them

  9. I have been trying for way over an hour to get this, just keeps telling me invalid code,or unspecified error, I copied and pasted, so I know it is correct, help??

  10. i love the freshness of papa johns i used to work for a fire dept in salem and during the crusade weekend we would order pizza from pizza competitors in salem, when delivered papa johns pizza was the first to be gone. i love it

  11. Didn’t work for me…totally bummed! I tried all upper case and all lower case letters- get invalid promo code ๐Ÿ™

  12. hi,i m trying to enter the promo code but it says its an invalid code.i dont understand whats going on?

  13. alright, i just saw on ANOTHER site, that you have to have already had an account BEFORE THE 12TH, to stop people from just making one for the free pizza

  14. Promo code is showing invalid for me. I already have an account, so I logged in and clicked the “Order Now” button. Oh well… ๐Ÿ™

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