1st 12,500: Free Swiffer WetJet Extra Power Pads

UPDATE #2: No longer available, but hopefully you were able to snag one

UPDATE: Live now! (Thanks Cindy!)

Just a heads up, Swiffer announced on their facebook that they’ll be giving away 50,000ย Swiffer WetJet Extra Power Pads this summer. Sometime today, they’ll be giving away 12,500. Just click here to visit their facebook and like them. Then keep an eye on the “Swiffer Giveaway” tab.

Image credit: Swiffer

48 thoughts on “1st 12,500: Free Swiffer WetJet Extra Power Pads”

  1. I hate that I have to come to face book to try to get freebies, ya don`t stand much of a chance here! There are just too many people. I`d rather go to your private site to check then contend with all this!!

  2. I have been trying to get these power pads for days now . I am unable to get them because I do not have a printer I cant get them. Cant the samples be sent to my home.

    • No printer needed Robin. Just visit the “click here” link to have them send it to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi my name is kat. I have a small appartment and this all I need to clean with. Its a wounderful product. Cant live without it.

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