Enter To Win 1 Of 7 Ipads From Coupons.com (You Can Enter Daily)

UPDATE: No longer available 

Coupons is currently running an awesome promo where they are giving out free iPads! Just click here to visit their site and enter your email on the pop-up or click the banner at the top and then enter your email. The iPad-a-day Giveaway starts on August 3 and runs through August 9. With one iPad randomly given away each day, there will be a total of seven winners. Winners will be notified via email. You can enter every day. Good luck all!

Note: After you enter your email on the popup, if you click “Get Coupons,” it’ll automatically print coupons. To avoid this just “x” the popup instead after you enter your email. (Your entry will still count) Never mind, they fixed it 🙂

Image Credit: Coupons.com

109 thoughts on “Enter To Win 1 Of 7 Ipads From Coupons.com (You Can Enter Daily)”

  1. i am a full time college student, i also work full time so i could use the ipad to get some school work done on my lunch break i have no computer i use friends or one at the school this would be great thanks !!

  2. This is an amazing giveaway! I love coupons.com and apple. I would love to own an ipad especially since my macbook just died and my hubby’s desktop needs repair, and we can’t afford to get them replaced/fixed right now. 🙂

  3. wanting to win one Ipad for my kids we can’t afford it right have not work for 3 yrs and my wife got laid off but just got hired bout a month ago thank you.

  4. I hope that I win this I will give it to one of my grandkids that have been wanting one for a long time

  5. Hope I win the ipad!!! 🙂
    How will my chances increase to win the ipad?
    When will they select the winner of this drawing?

    • I want to win the ipad for my younger daughter. My 2 girls are constantly fighting over the 1 ipad. This way they both have one to play with. 🙂 Please pick me so I can give it to my younger daughter for her bday.

  6. Oh how nice it would be to have an iPad for the students to use in my class. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. this would be soo awesome to help me with my business. currently thrying to get a homebased business off the ground and do not have the money for a device like this. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  8. This would be great, my computer is on its way out. My grankids would miss it. They play learning games on it all the time. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  9. This is a bunch of crap!. It takes you right to coupons!. If I wanted coupons I would go to a coupon site! There is no registering for a i-pad.

  10. I have a 6 yr old Grandson with Autism and he loves using a friends Ipad, his face lights up as he uses it and he has a hard time giving it up, he has such a good time with it. We can’t afford to get one for him, and he would be the happiest little guy on earth if he received one.

  11. Awesome Giveaway! Would be great to be picked…., since my laptop died and desktop is not far behind as well and a great tool for my business to be on the go with!

  12. I am disabled. I try to keep busy doing what I can do. But there is time I would like to read a book or just browse the Web. My laptop finally died about 6 months ago. We cant afford a new one. this would be perfect.

  13. i’m house bound and would really enjoy it so i don’t have to set at computer table all day.

  14. This would be perfect for my son who is attending his first year of college in September. He has to commute by bus and train everyday and this would be a wonderful learning tool.


  16. This would be perfect for my oldest son. Homeschooling would change a lot for him with that gadget.

  17. it was my mother in laws birthday 1 month ago and i havnt gotten her anything she is in hospital doing radiation and kemo and it is hard because me and my partner live 6 hours away and i work 5 days a week and cant get anymore days off. i think giving her an ipad would lighten her day

  18. This would so simplify my life my wife’s travel business could use an iPad to keep all those lines of communication open and running smoothly.

  19. please pick me i am a struggling college student who uses computers at school.i could really use this ipad !!!!! i have enter’d everyday since you have had it up

  20. my daughter has been asking for one and all of her friends have one…i just cant afford one-please pick me!

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