1st 10,000: Free Newcastle Pint Glass Or $2 Check

UPDATE: Their page is getting LOTS of visitors all at once, so it might be slow to load

Notes: 1. It looks like you have to be 21+ to see the page 2. If you’re a Google Chrome user you might have to click “Load Anyway” at the top to get the full form. If you’re using Internet Explorer, click “Show All Content” at the bottom of the page. Firefox users should have no problem. 3. Their submit button is pretty slow

Click here to visit the Newcastle facebook and allow their app. Then on the “Get Rewarded” tab, take their quick survey. On the next page you can either choose between a free Newcastle Pint Glass or $2 check.

Want To Delete an Application?

  1. Click “account” in the top right corner
  2. Click privacy settings
  3. On the lower left side it says Applications and Websites, click “edit your settings” and then click it again on the next page. From there you should be able to remove the application
Image Credit: Newcastle

26 thoughts on “1st 10,000: Free Newcastle Pint Glass Or $2 Check”

  1. I had a couple of Newcastle’s the other day in French Lick, IN. Hot day that was beat down by the cold, great taste of a Newcastle.

  2. You answer questions then they determine if you get $2.00 or a glass. The item you won will have a check mark. I got the glass but you need to upload a picture of you with this product in hand. Not really much of a freebie. Unfortunately I have no pics of me with this beer in hand.

  3. I just have a question . I filled everything out like i was suppose to and it took it but it didn’t say if i was going to get the glass or not . So would you please send me a message by e-mail or a private message and let me know if i’m going to get it or not ? I sure would appreciate it . Thank You !

  4. Your site is not working. I have pic downloaded to send. I would really like a glass. Have tried to get on site for past 2 days.

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