Free Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Coffee Sample Pack

Click here to receive a free sample pack of Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Coffee. To receive your product, watch the video, fill out the form provided, and choose which sample you would like (K-Cup or ground coffee). Allow up to six weeks for your product to be shipped. Hurry! 🙂

Image Credit: Green Mountain Coffee

19 thoughts on “Free Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Coffee Sample Pack”

  1. Has anyone been successful with this one yet? The submit button isn’t working for me…. even after the entire video plays thru as it says it has to.

  2. Whenever I choose the click here, it always say page not found. It says this for all the samples I want 🙁

  3. Love Green Mountain coffee, im on my 2nd brewer,Green mt coffee has great taste,easy to brew,fresh bold flavor,great choices of flavors,choice of regular or extra bold,reasonably priced,if you order 4 boxes free delivery,cafe express pick your flavor and delivery times,change orders any time,friendly service,also get teas hot chocolate and apple cider

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