Free Spice Samples From The Spice Hunter

UPDATE: No longer available 

Click here to visit the Spice Hunter facebook and like them. Then on the “Free samples” tab, click “Click here to get started.” On the page that comes up, fill out your shipping info and choose one of the 5 flavors they offer.

Image Credit: Spice Hunter

50 thoughts on “Free Spice Samples From The Spice Hunter”

  1. All my spices are so old I think I should throw them out and restock. Must try this brand and see if it is what I’ll use. Spices are expensive….

  2. Would love free samples as I cook all the time Using frrsh herbs n spices now but season coming to an end Would also love unusual spices to try, something I usually do on my own

  3. I have made it to the page, and was able to fill out the request form for the sample, but when finished and trying to submit the page then went blank… so no confirmation on if it was submitted or not, hope so but not sure 🙂 thank you for creating this amazing site 🙂

  4. Spices really help rev up meals when you are doing the sodium free thing. I would love free samples. Thank you.

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