Free Sample Of John Frieda Luxurious Volume


Click here to visit the Target site and scroll down to the Beauty section. Click “request sample” and then answer their quick 4 questions to request a free sample of John Frieda Luxurious Volume. According to their site, this should arrive in 8-10 week by mail.

Image credit: John Frieda Luxurious Volume

8 thoughts on “Free Sample Of John Frieda Luxurious Volume”

  1. I’d like to know why I DON’T qualify for the free sample. I may be an older female but I still have hair. Age discrimination big time.

  2. Ok if you don’t qualify just keep answering with different answers than you previously chose. I am 30 but could not qualify unless I chose an older category. Same with the volume question. Very weird survey and they sure were being picky. I did eventually get it after a few tries.

  3. had to keep changing my age to young to get it then it told me that my answer of 6+6 is not 12? I know i’m bad at math but come on?!

  4. Got it! But had to try twice. The age circles weren’t labeled, the first one must be “yes” (for “I am over 13”).

  5. I can’t get the math question to work. I keep putting in the right answer (both numerical & word), and it doesn’t work. It keeps asking me if I’m human. No, I am a Cylon but I know my math!

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