Coupon For A Free 4 Pack Of GoGo SqueeZ (Mailed)


Click here to visit their site and choose a day that you will “play” on. Then either click their facebook button or twitter button. Finally fill out the form to request your coupon for a free 4 pack of GoGo SqueeZ. You can click here to find your nearest store that sells this. The coupon is redeemable on January 11th only.

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3 thoughts on “Coupon For A Free 4 Pack Of GoGo SqueeZ (Mailed)”

    • That’s what I’m starting to wonder about as well =/ Hopefully if they aren’t able to, they’ll extend the date though

  1. I actually got my coupon in the mail today (which was the day they wanted people to use it). It’s valid thru 1/17. It’s on Ibota, so you can make an extra dollar buying it. Sadly, I forgot about this and bought it on Thursday with a 75c couoon (which made it free with the Ibotta).

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