20 Free Kindle Books For 2/18 (Can Be Read On Other Electronics)

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Here’s another round of free books for Kindle. As always keep in mind these aren’t actually just for Kindle. You can also read these on lots of other devices like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Click here for more information on that. *Amazon prices can change, especially for free kindle books, so make sure its still free before you add it to your cart. If somethings no longer free or now just for prime members, let me know in the comments below and I’ll mark it 🙂


  1. George Washington’s 110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation
  2. I Am Lubo
  3. The Life Changing Lessons And Story Of Martin Luther King – The Fight For A Dream (Martin Luther King Biography, Martin Luther King Assassination, Martin Luther King Jr.)


  1. The Science of Getting Rich (Deluxe Version)

Children’s Books

  1. Children’s book: The Murky Shadow and the Special Gift (Parents Library Collection, Early reading, Emotions and feelings for children, Scare of the dark)
  2. Cat Cabby: Children’s Book (Ages 4-8)
  3. Red Cat, Red Cat, Red Cat, Blue


  1. It’s Always Darkest Before the Fridge Door Opens: Enjoying the Fruits of Middle Age
  2. Fanny Bower Puts Herself Out There
  3. 50 Shades of Brady


  1. Healthy Cooking in a Hurry for Busy Moms (32 quick and easy recipes to make in 30 minutes)
  2. Coffee Cakes and Pound Cakes (Delicious Recipes)
  3. Gluten Free Italian: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Cooking Italian Cuisine


  1. A Cutthroat Business (Savannah Martin Mysteries)
  2. The Supermodel’s Best Friend
  3. An Unlikely Match (The Match Series)


  1. Gospel Teaching and Learning

Thriller, Suspense, And Mystery

  1. The Dead Peasants File
  2. The Ghosts at Glenn Springs & Other Tales (The Casebook of MacTavish)
  3. Somebody Doesn’t Like Sarah Leigh
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