20 Free Kindle Books For 3/28 (Can Be Read On Other Electronics)

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Here’s another round of free books for Kindle. As always keep in mind these aren’t actually just for Kindle. You can also read these on lots of other devices like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Click here for more information on that. *Amazon prices can change, especially for free kindle books, so make sure its still free before you add it to your cart. If somethings no longer free or now just for prime members, let me know in the comments below and I’ll mark it 🙂


  1. Bank of Crooks & Criminals
  2. The Pink Chestnut
  3. Wants To Live (a true story)


  1. The Product Hunter’s Guide: Finding stuff to resell on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and beyond

Children’s Books

  1. The Story About The Most Boring Man In The World (inspiring Children)
  2. Not Another Boring Princess
  3. Wild Beau and Her Kittens: The Kitty Tales Trilogy (Black & White Version)


  1. 101 Wild Animal Jokes for Kids
  2. If you fly with the crows
  3. Friends With Partial Benefits


  1. Fast N Simple Meat Loaf Recipes
  2. Mac & Cheese Recipes: 25 Different Explorations of Delicious Macaroni and Cheese
  3. Greek One-Dish Recipes


  1. Games of Fate: Fate Fire Shifter Dragon Book 1
  2. Unexpected
  3. The Paris Caper (full length romantic thriller)


  1. Holy Desperation,: How to Find God When You Need Him Most (Inspirational Messages of Spiritual Truths and Holy Living)

Thriller, Suspense, And Mystery

  1. Cold Lonely Courage (Madeleine Toche Series)
  2. FULL MOON ISLAND (Full Moon Series)
  3. INN KEEPING WITH MURDER (Old Maids of Mercer Island)
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