20 Free Kindle Books For 3/3 (Can Be Read On Other Electronics)

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Here’s another round of free books for Kindle. As always keep in mind these aren’t actually just for Kindle. You can also read these on lots of other devices like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Click here for more information on that. *Amazon prices can change, especially for free kindle books, so make sure its still free before you add it to your cart. If somethings no longer free or now just for prime members, let me know in the comments below and I’ll mark it 🙂


  1. Named by God: Overcoming Your Past, Transforming Your Present, Embracing Your Future
  2. Grant The Forgotten Hero
  3. The Pink Chestnut


  1. Time Management-5o Tips on How to Manage Time Better, Techniques, Strategies and Skills.

Children’s Books

  1. Little Buggies: A Rhyming Guessing Book For Toddlers and Children
  2. Discover The Treasure Within. (Inspirational bedtime stories for kids ages 4-7) Children’s Book: A Guide to Reveal the Hidden Treasure Inside (I can, You Can, We all Can)
  3. PRINCESS SOPHIA AND THE FROG (Educational Children’s Book Collection)


  1. 247 Jokes For Kids. Hilarious, Clean And LOL Kids Jokes
  2. 100 Hidden Truths of Parenting
  3. WHO Won?!? 1940 PREVIEW


  1. Mediterranean Cuisine: 120 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Happy Family Meals (European Cookbook Series)
  2. 35 Chicken Appetizer Recipes
  3. 30 Delicious Muffin Recipes – Quick and Easy Recipes To Try Today (Breakfast Ideas – The Breakfast Recipes Cookbook Collection)


  1. Connected by the Sea (Hawaiian Crush #1)
  2. Letters To My Mother
  3. Taking the World Back


  1. Manifestation: Inner Power of Manifesting Your Higher Calling and Living The Best Life (creativity, manifestation, manifesting, inner power, visualization, … spiritual awareness, higher calling,)

Thriller, Suspense, And Mystery

  1. Driven (A Jenny Watkins Mystery)
  2. BLOODSTAIN (Det. Jason Strong #2 (CLEAN SUSPENSE))
  3. Handcuffs and Hedge Funds (Kris Storm #1)
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  1. “247 Jokes For Kids. Hilarious, Clean And LOL Kids Jokes” is not free. Nor is “100 Hidden Truths of Parenting.”

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