Free Sample Of Minties Dental Dog Treats

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Click here to visit the VETIQ facebook and like then. Then on the “Free Sample” tab, scroll down and fill out the form to request your free sample. According to their site, this should arrive in about 2-3 weeks. (thanks Alexandria!)

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Want To Delete an Application?

  1. Click “account” in the top right corner
  2. Click privacy settings
  3. On the lower left side it says Applications and Websites, click “edit your settings” and then click it again on the next page. From there you should be able to remove the application
Image Credit: VETIQ

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  1. Before requesting these, PLEASE research all the horror stories of the health problems they can cause! I’ve done this before and the Large bone (40+ lb) and have never seen my 95 lb Mastador so sick. They are especially dangerous for cats! Please don’t sacrifice your pet’s heath for a good deal!!!

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