Free HealthiDent Dental Treats for Dogs


UPDATE: No longer available

Click here to visit the walmart site and after the page loads click “Get Your Sample.” On the next page you’ll be able to fill out the form for a free sample of HealthiDent Dental Treats for Dogs. Allow up to four weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox.

7 thoughts on “Free HealthiDent Dental Treats for Dogs”

  1. the form was not transmitting there were no buttons to select several of the answers, I hope my request went thru

  2. I was able to fill the form out. But when I tried to click the “send my sample” button, it just sat there & did nothing. So I don’t think anything went thru. I even refreshed & still did the same thing.

  3. I want to buy HealthiDent for my dog but do not know where to get it. Do you know of any stores or website where I can get it? This product seems to work best for my dog’s teeth.

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