$1 or $1.50 Coupon For Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese (Can Be Mailed)

Here’s a new coupon from Kraft First Taste. You can either score a coupon good for $1 off Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese or $1.50 off (depends on your profile)

1. Click here to visit the Kraft site and either register or login.

2. Now click “My Offers” on the right and you should be able to spot this coupon (maybe some others as well)

3. Once you click it, then click “Print Coupon”

4. At this point you can print their coupon.

5. If you rather have it mailed, just click the “Help” button on the lower right of the coupon page.

*In case you’re not sure where the “help” button is, here’s what it looks like

For more coupons, click here

Image credit: Kraft

4 thoughts on “$1 or $1.50 Coupon For Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese (Can Be Mailed)”

  1. I have tried to sign up 4 times. I put in my email, click continue then the screen says membership login. I don’t get it

  2. Thank you so much for putting the instructions on how to get the coupons by mail. I don’t have a printer and this is great to know I can still get them!

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